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9 Practice Tips From Jessica

It is a busy time of year, going from summer into fall. Our Music Program Coordinator Jessica Westlund has a few practice tips for all of us to start our fall off right. We found these tips very helpful - we thought you might, too!

  1. Cheerful hearts and full tummies make for good practice - eat a snack before picking up your instrument.
  2. Wash your hands with soap and water before a lesson to create a clean practice space.
  3. Practice. Practice. Practice. Practice. Practice is most effective when done 4-5 times a week.
  4. Follow the list your teacher gave you. Take time to go through everything and prepare for the next week.
  5. Play every song 3 times through to get it locked in.
  6. Practice before play. It is good to get in the habit of rewarding yourself for practicing. It shouldn't be a chore, but like chores it is easier to do before the evening gets underway.
  7. Remember to bring your books to every lesson, this way you will be ready when the teacher is ready.
  8. The new year means new supplies - remember to bring a notebook and pencil. A music bag is a great way to keep track of everything music related, throw it near the door the night before so it is ready to go.
  9. Remember to give sufficient notice if you are going to  miss a day (and remember, we have days set aside at the end of every semester dedicated to make up missed lessons).

P.S. You are invited to join us on September 16th for our Fall Kick Off! It will be a great time to meet teachers, check out instruments, eat cotton candy and generally have a good time. Read more here, and plan to join us!

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Sept. 1st First Friday Opening Exhibit and Coffeehouse

Headwaters’ Art Camp(3-4pm) –

After a week of art and learning participants of Headwaters’ Art Camp will be displaying their art in an exhibit open to the public. Participants, ages 9-18, will be displaying work made with guest instructors Tom Daly, Al Bellleveau, Stacey Stang, Joanna Dymond, and Susan Kedzie, author and illustrator of A Thousand Purring Cats.

A Thousand Purring Cats Opening Reception and Artist’s Talk (4:30-6pm) –

Headwaters Music and Arts is excited to host the first showing of the completed works rendered in pastels for Susan Kedzie’s first children’s book entitled A Thousand Purring Cats.

Susan Kedzie comes from a career in Wildlife management and has a deep love for nature and science. She says “Today, I am happily fusing my passions for art, science, and writing together into creative projects.”

A Thousand Purring Cats warmly embraces the healing power of positive relationships. Playful text and images invite smiles and laughter with a surprise tug at your heart, while lively characters gently nudge your child closer when they need it most.

The public is invited to the opening reception from 4:30 to 6 pm, there is no cost to attend. The exhibit will be up through the end of the month.

First Friday Coffeehouse (7-10) –

Headwaters Music and Arts will hold First Friday CoffeeHouse in association with the Northwoods Folk Collective on Friday, September 1st, 7-10 pm. The CoffeeHouse events will feature local musicians, singers and writers sharing their talents in 10-15 minute sets. Artists will be scheduled ahead of time with limited slots reserved for sign up the night of the event.

Event organizer Don Zieman notes that “the goal of First Friday CoffeeHouse is to create a place where local artists can bring their music and compositions to a beautiful setting and perform for local members of the community. Please come out and enjoy the local talents!”

Admission is $3 per person or $7 per family. For more information contact Headwaters at 218.444.5606.