Headwaters Art Party

Is there a big day or event coming up on your calendar? Headwaters Art Party is a creative way to celebrate!

Headwaters Art Party is a two hour long affair. We provide one hour of instruction plus a dedicated staff member to assist you with your party. Bring your own cake, pizza, drinks, etc, & enjoy the party!

$180 ($160 MEMBERS)

Up to 10 children & 2-4 observing adults
Up to 10 adults

Additional participants - $8 each
(15 participants max)

Inquiries and must be submitted at least 4 weeks prior to the event to give our staff time to plan and schedule the event. 

Painting Party

Ages 3-7
Be creative and have fun with Action Art! Activities may include bubble snakes and prints, ball painting splat painting, paint dancing, or spin drawing, and depend upon whether we are indoors or outdoors. Dress to get messy! Guest of honor receives a customized apron to take home.

Ages 8-adult
An area artist leads the group through the steps to produce an original work of art. Canvas, paints, instruction provided. Participants can choose the subject from a provided list (think animal, landscape, etc.)

Clay Party

Ages 4-11
Work with air-dry clay to create a mythical creature, paint a figure of your choice, and tour Headwaters Pottery Studio. Guest of honor receives Tom Daly plate.

Ages 12-adult
Learn about the pottery process (wedging, basic techniques, glazing, firing) glaze a bowl or mug, & try out a pottery wheel. Fee includes instruction as well as the finished mug or bowl. Participants will pick up mugs & bowls after they have been fired, - 2-3 weeks following program.
Guest of honor receives Tom Daly plate.

Mixed Media Party

Ages 4-12
Be Your Own Super Hero! Each child decorates a mask and cape, exploring design and collage. Guest of honor receives a customized shield.