Headwaters Open Pottery gives area adults access to a well-equipped pottery studio located in downtown Bemidji. The Pottery Studio includes wedging and worktables, tools, assorted glazes, five pottery wheels and kiln firing access.

Open Pottery Fees

$40 monthly fee Open Pottery

$100 monthly fee Open Pottery & Adult Pottery (regular fee $75)

($15 reduced fee when you register for both Adult Pottery 6-8 pm Mondays and Open Pottery)


Register and pay online prior to attending Open Pottery. If you’d like to begin Open pottery mid-month, contact us at 218-444-5606 to inquire about a prorated fee.

Additional fees:

Clay: $18 for 25lb block of No. 2 Stoneware. Other types of clay available for special order.

Headwaters Pottery Program Policies

Those who attend Open Pottery must read, sign, and abide by the Headwaters Pottery Program Policies. If you have questions or concerns about any aspect of Open Pottery or Headwaters Music & Arts, please contact the Arts Program Coordinator or Headwaters Executive Director at 218-444-5606.