Annalise Aakhus | Voice

Julia Anderson | Piano, Violin, Viola

Luke Bastian | Piano

Brock Beaulieu | Percussion

Leisa Bragg | Piano, Voice, Guitar, Clarinet

Lillian Douglas | Piano

Kari Ekhoff | Voice, Piano

Caleb Erickson  | Guitar

Olevia Graham | Guitar

Chloe Knott | Piano, Violin

Rolf Lund | Guitar, Ukele

Timothy Pinkerton | Violin, Piano

Valerie Porter | Violin, Piano, Cello

Casey Rasmussen | Piano, Clarinet, Trumpet, Beginning Voice

Kyle Schiro | Guitar

Mary Thoreson | Piano

Conner Tollefson | Violin

Carolyn Towler | Piano

Elizabeth Westlund | Piano, Violin

Jessica Westlund |Piano, Violin, Viola

Dan Will | Piano, Cello, Voice

We offer one-on-one music and voice lessons for children and adults. Instruction options include piano, violin, viola, cello, guitar, ukulele, woodwinds, percussion, brass, and vocals. The program includes two recitals and five music enrichment nights each year. Lessons are typically once a week for half an hour.

The program is 40 lessons over 12 months, or $980 per year. Additional siblings are $828 per year.

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