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» Music Instructors

To apply submit a resume and cover letter to info@headwatersmusicandarts.org

Headwaters Music & Arts is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all our community.

In the Office

Tricia Andrews | Executive Director

Tanja Bennett | Bookkeeper

Diamond Knispel | Marketing Coordinator

Cassidy Jay Schlauderaff |  Maintenance & Technical Support

Headwaters Instructors

Annalise Aakhus | Voice, Piano

Julia Anderson |  Violin, Viola, Piano

Luke Bastian | Piano, Trumpet

Brock Beaulieu | Percussion, Guitar

Leisa Bragg | Clarinet, Piano, Voice, Guitar

Tom Daly | Pottery

Lillian Douglas | Piano

Kari Ekhoff | Voice, Piano

Caleb Erickson  | Guitar

Olevia Graham | Guitar

Josie Joyce | Art

Diamond Knispel | Art

Chloe Knott | Piano, Violin

Rolf Lund | Guitar, Ukulele, Banjo

Timothy Pinkerton | Violin, Piano

Valerie Porter | Piano, Cello, Violin

Casey Rasmussen | Piano, Clarinet, Trumpet, Voice

Mary Thoreson | Piano

Conner Tollefson | Violin

Carolyn Towler | Piano

Elizabeth Westlund | Piano, Violin