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Virtual Art with Diamond: Collage

Collage is a form of fine art which means to glue items together. It is a perfect art for when a person is stuck at home and doesn’t have a whole lot of art supplies laying around. The scraps the limit when it comes to making an awesome collage.

You will need:

• Glue or tape
• Scissors (or you can rip the paper)
• Scraps of paper/ cardboard/ ribbon/ string

The collage landscape shown in the video is an easy, no pressure project for all ages and artistic abilities. This is the first video of our weekly virtual art sessions. I hope families and folks hanging at home join in no matter their age or affiliation with Headwaters. The goal is to have fun and practice creativity. We want to see what YOU create! Please share in the comments or email to

Diamond Knispel
Art Teacher | Marketing & Arts Program Coordinator
Headwaters Music & Arts