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Virtual Art with Diamond: One Point Perspective

Perspective is a super important concept in art. When I teach perspective I often find that people are more nervous about the concept than they need to be. With the help of straight edge and a little patience + practice anyone can master perspective. This week’s video only touches on one point perspective – I think that we will dig into two point perspective in a later video 🙂

You will need:
• Paper
• Pencil or other drawing implement
• Possibly something to color with
• Possibly a straight edge

This project is meant to be fun and easy for all ages and abilities. It can be a good little brain teaser so practice it when you are a wide awake 🙂 Have fun and play around! And, of course, if you feel comfortable please share your creation in the comments or email to

Diamond Knispel
Art Teacher | Marketing & Arts Program Coordinator
Headwaters Music & Arts