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We Need You…

We know, it seems a bit early, but around here we are always looking forward and right now we are looking forward to fall. Jessica (our Music Program coordinator) just created a nifty 2018-2019 calendar with an updated schedule, and we are starting preparations for our Fall Kick-Off event as well as considering music lessons and fall programming. Getting ready for fall is a fun task but we know we could use some help.

If you are an artist, musician, or community focused volunteer we are looking at you! Are you interested? Check out the list below and click on the highlighted links to find out more. We can’t wait to have you be  apart of things here at Headwaters!

  1. We are seeking artists to exhibit there work in our recital hall in the coming months. We have a simple application for you to fill out and you will receive a follow up phone call or email to discuss. It is a pretty painless process 😉 If you are an artist with a body of work and you are itching to exhibit check out our application.
  2. Music instructors our one of our most valuable assets. We have some of the most talented musicians in town instructing at Headwaters, but we could always use some more! If you are interested in instructing please check out or Position Description and then give us a call to discuss.
  3. We are always searching for volunteers! We have an awesome crew right now but we could always use some more. If you are interested you can fill out our online application.
  4. You can also become a member! For as little as $50 a year you can receive a membership which helps to sustain our programming and gives you the satisfaction of knowing you helped out your community. Besides that, there are also some pretty neat rewards and benefits including cool discounts on various programming. Become a member today.

We truly appreciate our community and we want to to thank you for being a part of it. Whichever way you may be a part of things here at Headwaters we are grateful you are and we look forward to seeing you around😊!