Question What kind of programming does Headwaters offer beyond private music lessons?

Answer  We offer various group classes and workshops for all ages including K-12 art clubs, pottery, and preschool programming. We also offer family workshops as well as music events and enrichment activities. Our Arts programming includes literary, visual, theater arts, and more. If the events and workshops do not receive enough registrations we may postpone that class or club for awhile but we generally reschedule for a future date or the next school year.

Question How long are music lessons, and how often?

Answer  Lessons are usually a half hour long, but hour-long lessons are also an option.  Lessons usually take place once a week. The schedule is more flexible over the summer, when you might have fewer lessons or have to plan around vacations and trips.

Question What if I can't afford lessons or classes?

Answer Headwaters staff and Board of Directors do quite a lot fundraising each year so they can offer financial aid to students.  Just ask for a financial aid application to fill out or read more here.

Question What if I don't have an instrument?

Answer Headwaters has Schmitt Music instruments available for purchase or rent.

Question Registering or shopping online was not working for me - what should I do?

Answer Occasionally all websites glitch out and ours is no exception, though it is rare. Generally issues with your registration can be resolved in a few simple ways:

  1. Switching to a different browser (Google Chrome works best)
  2. Card issues - you may have entered your card info incorrectly, it could be expired or out of funds. Try entering your card info again or try a different card.
  3. Incomplete registration questions - go through them again and double check.
  4. Or your page may have timed out. Try refreshing and renter details.

Ultimately, if you keep having computer errors and using a different device does not work you can call our office at 218.444.5606