Question: How long are lessons, and how often?

Answer:  Lessons are usually a half hour long, but hour-long lessons are also an option.  Lessons usually take place once a week. The schedule is more flexible over the summer, when you might have fewer lessons or have to plan around vacations and trips.

Question:  What are the music teachers like?

Answer: The teachers all have different styles and personalities, which is part of the fun of being here. All of the teachers are knowledgeable, experienced and caring, and they all want you to have fun while you improve your music skills.
Question:  How much do lessons cost?

Answer: Lessons average out to about $22 per lesson.  There are options for paying the same fee each month, taking fewer lessons over the summer.  Plus, being a student at Headwaters means more than weekly lessons.  You take part in recitals twice a year, and you can go to group music classes and activities for free.

Question:  What if I can't afford lessons?

Answer:  Headwaters staff and Board of Directors do quite a lot fundraising each year so they can offer financial aid to students.  Just ask for a financial aid application to fill out. Also, if an adult volunteers for two hours, they "earn"one half hour music lesson for themselves or on behalf of a child. This is a great way to support the program as well as to keep your out-of- pocket costs down.

Question:  What if I am an intermediate or advanced level musician?

Answer: Our Music Program Coordinator can share with you some great options for instruction at these levels.

Question:  What if I don't have an instrument?

Answer:  Headwaters has Schmitt Music instruments available.  You can do a payment plan for stringed instruments like violin, viola