Headwaters Music & Arts is a Minnesota Music Teachers Association (MMTA) studio. We support MMTA's mission to nurture the developing musician through programs that will encourage and inspire, and encourage you to take on the challenge of MMTA exams. Read the MMTA Exam Requirements.

There is something for everyone!

Music Bridges - share your creative gifts in a program designed by YOU!
Exams - demonstrate your growth by achieving each level!
Contests - showcase a piece you’ve mastered!
Theory - become a well-rounded musician and composer!
Keyboard Skills - show off your scales, chords and arpeggios!

All instruments welcome!



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"I was really motivated to get the ribbons and I really enjoyed making the projects. I felt so proud to learn the songs and perform them from memory."

- Malachai

"I like MMTA because it's fun to be creative with music and art. Plus you might even get a ribbon and the judge is very nice. So there is nothing to be worried about! And if you join, I hope you have fun!"

- Kira

"I enjoyed MMTA because it challenged me to improve not only my piano skill but also my critical thinking ability. It helped me be motivated to practice and caused me to enjoy piano all the more!"

- Eliana

Participate in MMTA Programs and earn points (ribbons, pins, trophies!) for doing what you love!

To get started, contact us at info@headwatersmusicandarts.org