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Why learn an instrument? There are so many reasons to take music lessons.  Here are just a few.  Here at Headwaters Music & Arts, we have the recently retired adult who always dreamed of being able to play piano.  And now, finally, they have the time.  The high school student who wants to be a more confident singer when they try out for show choir.  The five year old who loved music before he could walk or talk, and cannot wait until  its time for his weekly violin lesson.  How about you?  Whatever your reason, we are glad you found us!

Headwaters Music Program welcomes new students at any time of the year with openings available in piano, violin, cello, viola, guitar, ukulele, percussion, voice, clarinet, saxophone and other band and woodwind instruments. Once you register and provide the $45 administrative fee, we will follow up with date, time and instructor options. 

Cost The program is based on 40 half hour lessons at $27 per lesson over the course of the twelve month period of September through August. Lessons are mostly weekly during the school year, and just seven lessons scheduled over the three summer months. Again, lessons can begin at any time, and the tuition is prorated accordingly.  Scholarships based on financial need are available.

Its more than learning an Instrument. When you take part in Headwaters Music Program, it means more than weekly music lessons.  As a year-round program, you have the opportunity to interact with our talented team of instructors, experience recitals, community performances, or special music events, and take on the challenge of MMTA contests and exams. You might even explore other art and community activities such as Coffeehouse Open Mic, summer camps, art and pottery classes, or a special show featuring our music teachers. Lots of things happen here at Headwaters – and YOU are an important part of it all. 

Questions? What else would you like to know about our music program or our scholarship program?  Please contact us!  Call 218-444-5606 or send a message to Music Program Manager Natalie Gille at 

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