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Headwaters Music Dedication Scholarship for Current and Returning Music Students

Headwaters Music Dedication Scholarship applications are due July 21. This scholarship is for students entering grades 2-12 who have attended music lessons at Headwaters for at least one year and will continue to do so into the coming year.

To encourage and reward hard work and commitment to studying music, Headwaters has established three – $300 scholarships to be awarded for one-on-one music lessons. Selection is based on student commitment and demonstrated interest and personal investment in music instruction. This scholarship is available for for youth grades 2-12 who have you attended music lessons at Headwaters one year or more. Those selected are expected to:

• Attend lessons regularly through August 2024
• Come prepared to lessons with music, notebook and instrument
• Demonstrate diligent practice habits
• Actively participate in lessons and recitals
• Participate in volunteer activities during the program year, a minimum of 4 hours. Activities may include an outreach performance, mentoring other students during a summer camp, or helping out at an event. Hours may be fulfilled by an adult on behalf of elementary age students.

The application deadline is Friday, July 21 at 5 pm for those registered for music lessons for the 2023-24 year. You will be notified on or before Friday, August 4, 2023. 

Apply here.