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Virtual Art with Diamond: Stick Weaving

Oh man, the leaves are popping outside! Since I made this video the leaves seemed to have more than doubled in size. My favorite reasons for heading into the woods is to either explore or to find a shady spot to do some art. This fun weaving activity involves both of those (though you should definitely feel free to bring the stick back inside to create your piece) 🙂

You will need:
• String, yarn, ribbon, paper or even grass.
• Scissors
• A “Y” shaped stick
• A pop sickle stick, butter knife, or something similar for tightening your weave

Fiber arts are one of my side passions though I am just a beginner. I find it is so comforting to make something out of yarn or string even if it isn’t perfect. So many of the objects in our our daily lives are woven – jeans, pillowcases, towels, etc. Getting creative with it is just the next logical step in my opinion 🙂 Though I only weave on sticks and cardboard many weavers use the skill to create lovely tapestries, rugs, shawls, etc. After you learn the basics of weaving you can pick up a loom and practice tapestry yourself! I hope you have fun and play around. If you feel comfortable sharing please drop a photo of your creation in the comments or email to

Diamond Knispel
Art Teacher | Marketing & Arts Program Coordinator
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